3 Reasons CrossFit will Improve your kids academics

Don’t let your kids hibernate this winter, 3 reasons CrossFit will improve your child’s academics.

Summary: Studies have shown physical exercise and learning new motor skills improves school work and stimulates learning. 

Post by - Raphael Freedman, director and coach at CrossFit Creature.

   Link between Activity and Academic results

Comprehensive examinations of the research now unquestionably demonstrate that the more physical activity school age children engage in, the better their academic results. In one particular research review, the authors concluded that exercise is beneficial for cognition through three major pathways.



  1.  “Increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain

  2. Increased levels of norepinephrine and endorphins resulting in a reduction of stress and an improvement of mood

  3. Increased growth factors that help to create new nerve cells and support synaptic plasticity”.

   Learning new skills and brain development

The complex movement sequences taught in CrossFit, like rope climbing, tumbling and handstands, stimulates the prefrontal cortex used in learning (Jensen, 1998). After learning new physical skills as part of an exercise program, compared to a control group of kids who didn't exercise, one study saw a significant reduction in activation of the right prefrontal cortex.  This reduction in activation is generally seen as evidence of more efficient brain processing.

 Cleaning his way to better grades?

Cleaning his way to better grades?

 Children are more susceptible to inactivity, and obesity during holidays

Considering how important fitness is for learning, it is no surprise that most schools make some physical activity mandatory for all students. But what about in the holidays?

 Don't let your kids sit in front of the TV these holidays!

Don't let your kids sit in front of the TV these holidays!

Thomas Robinson, MD, MPH, professor of pediatrics at the Stanford School of Medicine and director of the Center for Healthy Weight has described the holidays as a time of accelerated weight gain”.

Most concerning is how quickly long term fitness gains can be lost. One study found that all improvements from a 9 month school-year intervention in cardiovascular fitness, fasting insulin levels, and body composition were lost during the summer break.

What can you do? CrossFit Creature School Holiday Program!

CrossFit is the perfect holiday activity for your children.

Creature is offering a program designed specifically for youth aged 8-16 and their specific developmental needs.

Physically it combines body-weight training, basic gymnastics and fun games to increase fitness levels in the children. The skills taught take advantage of a child’s better opportunity relative to adults to maximise physical skills during development.

Psychologically it develops a child’s self-discipline and confidence through the challenging physical tasks, which they overcome. This is not mention the boosts in self-esteem which come over the changes in body composition and strength.

Safety is our highest priority at Creature. All kids will be under the close supervision of an experienced and well-trained CrossFit coach.

Fun: Our kids class aims to be one hour of seamlessly paired fitness and fun. WODs and warm ups will be morphed into games to let kids act like kids!


Kids School Holiday offer Program starting 27June until the 11th of July and will be at CrossFit Creature.

The Program will be $60 for classes on 2-3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday of both weeks.  Discount for siblings.

Booking essential! The program will only go ahead if we have 15 confirmed kids and will also be capped at 20. Please 

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