Value - three questions

Article written by Kameron Ahmad - 2/7/14


In the corporate world 'value creation'  is the yardstick that they’re judged by.

It manifests in so many different terms –
share price
job creation
customer satisfaction...and the list goes on. 

Let’s call it “Stakeholder Value” for the sake of this article.

 So why don’t we hold CrossFit Gyms to the same benchmarks???

Most people choose to invest their hard earned dollars on memberships, the latest and greatest apparel, supplements, equipment and not to mention all the coffee and group breakfasts! 

Here are three questions that you should ask as you progress in your fitness journey...

1. In the last six months, has my Gym helped me achieve my goals?

This is the most important question you should ask yourself. Generally speaking you pay a premium to train at a dedicated gym. So it’s critical that your gym asks you what your goal(s) is(are) and more importantly takes on a level of accountability helping setting and hitting those goals. As an absolute worst case has your Gym caused you create negative value or no value? You’ve followed the program to a “T”, you’ve put the work in,  you’re dialled in but the results aren’t flowing.

2.  Do your coaches invest in themselves?

 The world of human performance is dynamic. As technology and research gives better insights into how our bodies work our prescription should change. Your coaches should be in tune with what’s happening at the frontier of human performance – additionally they should be smart enough to think critically about how to apply it.

When was the last time your Coach went to a seminar?
Who is their mentor?
What blogs do they subscribe too?
Do they actively seek to learn from experts?

Or are they stuck in their ways and not willing to accept new information into their mindset. More ‘hard’ work does not mean more results. 

Continuing education is the surest sign of a good coach.

3.  Does the team reinvest in the gym and community?

 Gyms are designed to be used. With use, comes wear and tear. If your gym doesn't invest in replacing equipment or acquiring adequate equipment as their community grows they’re not meeting the needs of their members. More to the point is the fact they’re not providing you a safe place to train.

At a broader level, does the gym invest in the local community – support local charities and businesses?

So why have we asked you to think about these three questions...

It’s because you’re a stakeholder at your gym.

If the gym isn’t creating value for you or it’s other stakeholders then find one that does.
Find a gym that gives you the return on investment you want.

As at the publication of this post, there are 131 CrossFit affiliates in greater Sydney. Don’t be afraid of change and making new friends.

Always remember why you started CrossFit in the first place and when you’re picking your new box keep these questions front of mind.

Kameron Ahmad

Director & Co-owner at CrossFit Creature