What CrossFit REALLY does to girls

If you’re worried about getting ‘bulky’ and looking like a man from lifting weights then you NEED to read this.

It’s likely that you run everyday (start nodding your head), go to the gym once or twice per week and eat ‘clean’… but, you have looked pretty much the same way for the last 5+ years.

When you think about your training it seems more like a necessity rather than something enjoyable.

When people ask you about it you just give them, “I do some running to keep fit and go to the gym”.

You are the 99%.

Congratulations you are like everyone else, average at best.

So let me ask you...

Do you want to be more than average?

What if you became one of those people that was excited about their training, had seemingly endless motivation and was getting better results in 6 months than the last 5 years?

This is what REALLY happens when girls start CrossFit:

  Emily and Chelsea, school teacher and sales manager, best friends, met at CrossFit.

Emily and Chelsea, school teacher and sales manager, best friends, met at CrossFit.

  1. They meet other like-minded girls who are excited to see how far they can test the limits of their strength and endurance 
  2. They shift the focus from aesthetics to athletic ability.
  3. They realise a level of inner self-confidence no previous PT or running program has ever given them 
  4. They carry their new energy and enthusiasm into their relationships and career 
  5. They never look back

It's not about getting bulky or what other people think it's about creating massive positive change in the way you view yourself.

There are so many more girls changing their lives with CrossFit everyday...

Will you join the 1%? 

Breaking out of your mundane exercise routine is hard... but we have a formula.

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