Nutrition is the difference between
good results and great results.


Step 1

Your new client has been sold into fundamentals. 
You have promised them we take care of their nutrition.

Once they have shown they can show up to their sessions on time and have built some integrity/trust with you...

You can sign them into our program.

For many people coming into our gym is a big step, so overwhelming them with nutrition off the bat can be too much. 
DO NOT sign them up on day 1 even if they ask for it.

They need to earn the right to have additional coaching so let them prove it to you first. 

Sign up at -


Step 2

Your client is now going through the email series (you should have gone through it yourself) and you know what they are learning and how long it goes for.


Ask them about how the email series is going:

"what is one thing you have learnt?"
"what did you take away from the protein email?"
"what was something really interesting you didn't know about?"

The system is set up so they cannot fail or go unaccounted for it follows them up like crazy and also lets us (the owners) know if the person is not taking the actions we expect them to in the email series.


Step 3

At the conclusion of the email series the client should send you an email saying they have finished 7 days of tracking and are ready for coaching. 

If you have ever tracked before you know it is a tough process so congratulate them on being so diligent. 

Now you have to set up their sheet:



Macro calculator

Performance tracking template

Consolidate the final steps shown in the video below.