Steps to starting

Never tried CrossFit?

1. Book in a FREE 60 min consultation that suits your schedule

2. Tour the facility, meet the members and sit down with a friendly coach ready to answer any and all questions

3. Set goals towards improving your lifestyle, food and health

4. Commit to changing your life forever and experience the results by joining Creature 

CrossFit veteran?

1. Book in your free trial class

2. Jump into your first class today

3. Experience our coaching and program

Safety First

At CrossFit Creature, we believe all fitness levels should enjoy safe exercise and experience results, which is why we implement the following methods to keep you healthy and happy.


A way of making any exercise easier or harder, depending on your ability level.

Smart Programming 

Our class structure is carefully thought out, to provide a way in which you will receive maximum results, for minimum risk.

High Quality Coaching

Our experienced coaches will help you move and perform exercises in the safest way possible.