Please read carefully. Almost done.

In order to place your membership on hold please make sure your request meets all of the following criteria.

The following criteria only applies to contracts signed from Jan 2018 onwards.

  • hold length is a minimum of 2 weeks
  • you're requesting a hold because you will not be in Sydney
  • your total hold length does not exceed more than the 3 weeks per 6 months. Depending on the length of your membership you will either have 3, 6 or 9 weeks total of holds. You are not allowed to exceed this amount.

If you meet all of this criteria please EMAIL YOUR COACH requesting a hold.

- include the start and end date as well as the city you will be travelling to. 


  • Rebecca Hall -
  • Courtney Brown -
  • Daniel Caine -
  • Marco Dardano -
  • Ev Dalecki -
  • Kat Dalecki -
  • David Crane -,au