What is HYBRID?

Creature’s Flagship Class.

HYBRID is what we at Creature Fitness do best. Functional Strength work combined with varied, fun and results driven cardio.

HYBRID is more than just CrossFit…

CrossFit whilst varied in many ways is still limited in it’s movements and results.

Over the last 5 years at Creature we have continued to build upon what CrossFit did so well. We have continued to learn, test and try more movement styles and more methods… keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t.
It has been this journey which has allowed us to build out a 60 min session which we believe optimises for strength and fitness, lowers injury risk and offers long term sustainable results.

HYBRID is built for the busy professional and small business owner who needs the best results from the smallest amount of time.



What’s next…?



HYBRID has not only been written as one of the best group programs for busy Sydney siders but has also been delivered by some of the best fitness professionals in the industry.

But why keep it inside just a few gyms?

Creature in the near future will be offering a fully coached online experience for people who train at Creature but travel a lot, people who have moved away from creature but still want to train with us and for first timers who love what we do but want to be able to do it from any gym in the world.

Find out more at the link below.