Creature Fitness for Kids.

fitness and strength are incredible physical assets for any child.

becoming healthier, fitter and stronger is not just for adults!

Q. When will it start?

A. Programs start every school term.

Q. What will it cost?

A. The class is a 10 session term, 1 session per week for 10 weeks starting every school term. The term is $200 upfront.

Q. What is the age bracket?

A. 5-12 years old

Q. What will they be doing in the class?

A. Similar to a regular Creature class the kids will be lead by a coach through foundational movement patterns such as squatting, hinging, pressing, pulling, jumping, running etc. to give them a strong base of athleticism for future years. The kids will also do some fun conditioning and games.

Q. Who will be taking the session?

A. Meet coach Erin…

Coach Erin

Erin has been for the last 2 years and still is one of Creature’s most beloved members. A fitness and health enthusiast her whole life Erin is on a new career path as she transitions out of her law firm and into coaching.

Having been a fully qualified PT for her close network she is now looking to branch out with Creature and run our Creature Kids program.

A mother of 3, Erin knows better than anyone how to best handle kids and fitness together.

We’re excited for her to take the reigns and guide her students on all things training and health.

Q. Can I watch?

A. Parents absolutely can stay and watch and in fact we encourage it.

Please Note: for the safety of all children extra precautions will be taken during class times. The roller door will be closed, the class schedule will not be advertised publicly on the website and there will be an adequate buffer between the kids class and the regular class. Additionally all bathrooms for the kids are visible from the gym floor. If you have any concerns before starting we will make sure to discuss prior to your child starting.

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