Madlab Coach

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Coach classes
  • PT book clients
  • Clean gym floor and mop
  • Attend and volunteer for in-house Creature events
  • Attend coach development days
  • Onboard new clients including fundamentals, nutrition coaching and goal setting
  • manage client holds and injuries on 'book'
  • train up apprentice Madlab coaches
  • Navigate and understand WODIFY admin and set up features

Actionable Checklist:

fundamentals program :

It is really important to recognise that nailing this part of the clients experience can dictate the entire happiness and success of their membership - "how it starts is how it ends".

  1. Understand our memebrship and pricing model - here
  2. Client ON BOARDING checklist, essential for every new client - click here
  3. Client nutrition program - tutorial
  4. Client goal setting - tutorial
  5. WODIFY tutorial - click here
  6. Fundamentals sessions 1-10 - click here


  • Acknowledge your weekly coaching schedule - tutorial
  • Cleaning and How to run a class checklist - here
  • Coach expectations - here
  • Text your clients and see how they are
  • Follow Member Cancellation Protocol - here


  • Book management and invoicing - click here
  • Make sure you are every 3 months booking in a goals setting session with each client as part of their memebrship

Coach pay & KPIs

Your key performance indicators (how managers will review your performance monthly)

  1. Client conversion from fundamentals to full membership
  2. Retention of book
  3. Referral sources, is the gym providing or is your book?
  4. coach review in Client Coach feedback email