Member would like to leave

If they contact you via text or email, always call the member as soon as you can to understand their concerns.

If You think it is in both the gym's and member's best interest to help them stay please work towards this.

Please speak to your gym manager if the member needs special consideration of some sort, such as financial or extended leave.

Exit Interview

Please remind the client to leave they must come in for an exit interview with you in the gym.

This is mandatory in the contract.

Break Up Form & De-Activation

Please have the client fill out the following form so we can collect data on why the client is leaving. 

Break Up Form

This can be done on your computer or the work computer at the gym. If the client never makes it into the gym, please email the break up form to the Client and advise they must fill it out before we de-activate them.

Please email your Gym Manager to De-Activate the client and remove him/her from your Book. Only the Gym Manager can de-activate Clients.

Monthly Gym Manager will review Lost member in WODIFY to ensure we are doing are best to have as many leaving clients as possible filling out the form.

 It is essential all clients fill out this form.

It is essential all clients fill out this form.