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2018 Creature Muscle Gain Challenge


Watch the video or read below for a summary.

Pre-weights an no idea how to make muscle grow.

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Combined 3 decades of trial and error.


Why we're doing this.

  • Share specific knowledge on lean weight gain
  • Strength and muscle are the hardest things to acquire
  • They are also the most desirable for many
  • Increasing everyone's likelihood of success by making it a competition and putting skin in the game

How it works

  • April 9 - July 31
  • Gain as much muscle as possible
  • 0.5kg = + 1 point
  • 1cm on waist = -1 point
  • -1cm on waist = + 1 point
  • Total score is then divided by bodyweight in kg
  • e.g. 5kg and 2cm gained = 8 points... 8/75 = 0.11 
  • The highest score at the end of the challenge wins

What you get.

  • Entry into the challenge
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Individual equation for proper calories and macros
  • Videos and tips for muscle building
  • Optional extra bicep and tricep work to go with any program

What if you win!?

  • Winner takes all comp
  • 30% of entry fee + True Protein Prize pack

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