The Getaway that changed everything.

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2020 Creature Fitness Queenstown Retreat.

the craziest most life changing 7 days
no tourist guide could ever give you.

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 What is this?

  • 7 days 6 nights in Queenstown New Zealand

  • 5-star luxury accomodation with incredible views from every room

  • On-site chef, all delicious organic fresh cooked meals

  • Challenging adventures, training in nature, hikes and major personal down time/relaxation

  • The perfect mix of action and relaxation

  • Led by Creature coaches

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Who is this for?

We’re looking for singles or couples who want a break from the big city but aren’t looking to lie by the pool all day.

Does morning workouts, freshly brewed coffee and hikes to incredible views sound like your jam?

How about kayaking through the most incredible mountain ranges whilst stopping over before an afternoon of golf or maybe mountain bike riding?

We’re packing it all in and we know it’s going to be unforgettable.

Unfortunately we can only take 8 people!

So if you’re interested quickly submit your interest below.

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