Raph Freedman



CrossFit Level 1 - fitness

CrossFit Gymnastics - gymnastics

CrossFit Strongman - Strongman

Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Certification Level 1 - Weightlifting

Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Law

Why do you workout, eat well and stay healthy?

I have been experimenting in the gym for over a decade. Through my own exercise and nutrition endeavours, I have learn much about the what is most important and what is less, I strive to make this the focus at Creature.

My training began as a way to supplement my athletic career playing Rugby, and this continued through my time at University completing a Business and Law Degree. During this time I worked in a corporate setting, as well as retail and other sales related experiences.

After finding the life transformative effects of CrossFit training, I began coaching, training and educating myself as much as possible.

My body is my vehicle for everything I do, so it is must be a top priority for me. Eating well, getting enough sleep and daily movement are the three essential pillars for me to achieve this.

Working out I see as something a little different. It is one form of daily movement for me, but also a time for me to push myself and test my limits. I love challenging myself and achieving goals through exercise.

Main hobby outside the gym?

Outside of the gym I love reading, listening to my favourite podcasts and running my own podcast. I don't try and separate my work from personal life, to me it all works together and I enjoy all of it.

What do you want to achieve for Creature in 2018?

My goal for Creature in 2018 is to have a larger thriving community of members who are happy and are on track towards their goals. I want to prove to people getting the results you want are not as hard as they may seem. What it really takes is being smart and making the right moves with your health outside the gym.