Raph Freedman

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CrossFit Level 1 - fitness

CrossFit Gymnastics - gymnastics

CrossFit Strongman - Strongman

Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Certification Level 1 - Weightlifting

Why do you workout, eat well and stay healthy?

I have been experimenting in the gym for over a decade. Through my own exercise and nutrition endeavours, I have learn much about the what is most important and what is less, I strive to make this the focus at Creature.

My training began as a way to supplement my athletic career playing Rugby, and this continued through my time at University completing a Business and Law Degree. During this time I worked in a corporate setting, as well as retail and other sales related experiences.

After finding the life transformative effects of CrossFit training, I began coaching, training and educating myself as much as possible.

My body is my vehicle for everything I do, so it is must be a top priority for me. Eating well, getting enough sleep and daily movement are the three essential pillars for me to achieve this.

Working out I see as something a little different. It is one form of daily movement for me, but also a time for me to push myself and test my limits. I love challenging myself and achieving goals through exercise.

Main hobby outside the gym?

Outside of the gym I love reading, listening to my favourite podcasts and running my own podcast. I don't try and separate my work from personal life, to me it all works together and I enjoy all of it.

What do you want to achieve for Creature in 2016?

My goal for Creature in 2016 is to have a larger thriving community of members who are happy, but also feel they are on track towards their goals.