Break the cycle and escape the rat race.

The Creature Fitness 2018 retreat.


Sydney has NO CHILL...

What do we mean by that?

Well here's the thing.

Sydney is a VERY progressive place. We try to imitate New York, London and Hong Kong which makes us all super busy.

"Hey mate how are you?"

"Busy, really busy"

We have this conversation everyday and I'm sure you do to. 

This is why we all love Creature so much. The training is efficient, effective and intense. Just like our careers.


Our bodies are not designed to run this rat race 24-7, 365. 

It's not healthy!

This is what The Creature Retreat is all about.

We weren't really sure what would happen when we ran our first 2 retreats in Feb 2017, but here's what we found...

  1. An experience of bonding which created deeper friendships for life between coaches and atendees
  2. Breaking the rat-race 9-5 grind
  3. Finally doing something for yourself
  4. Sun, GREAT food by a professional chef and hard workouts
  5. Individual strategies on how to reach better health and fitness


Favourite retreat moments...

"#1 by far is making sure i am focused on making myself healthy and happy other 2 would be: timing for eating carbs for my body type importance of remaining in the present"

- Jacob Poke

"The death WOD was a challenge due to the team aspect but I survived! The games were great fun and it gave us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves and others of course. That moment of self awareness and the reminder of what we value as humans."

Marda K.

"Being taught the critical aspects of habit forming, and why bad habits take hold, was a real "ah ha" moment for me."

Rishi P

"Training banded together and not just being part of a team but understanding what it means to help and support others - how you can make a difference to others"

Louisa G

In 2018...

Only 1 retreat
14 Guys and girls
1 super house 2-3 hours south of Sydney
3 days and 2 nights
Professional Chef cooking organic healthy food
Heaps of new learning and content
Surprise guest coach