Rory Boyden



Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness - Fitness

CrossFit Level 1 - CrossFit

Former ASCA level 1 - Strength and conditioning

Rehab Trainer Level 1 - Exercise Rehab

Pendlay Lifting Level 1 - Weightlifting

CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1 - Gymnastics

Jon North Attitude Nation Level 1 - Weightlifting


Why do you workout, eat well and stay healthy?


I enjoy and compete/have competed in Rugby, basketball and track for 10+ years.

Competed in CrossFit for the last 4 years.

I have worked in the fitness industry since 2009.

I workout, eat well, and stay healthy because it enables me to compete better at sports.
I love how being healthy makes me feel on a daily basis.

Main hobby outside the gym?

Reading, soaking in biographies, non-fiction, fiction and self-development writing. 

What do you want to achieve for Creature in 2018?

I want to support the growth of each member in our community, so they can become better than yesterday. To educate and support them to make smarter exercise, nutrition and lifestyle related choices. I want the Creature members to love their workout.