We are selling a life changing product.
Believe in what you are selling because what we have is priceless.


Once you finish running your first day speech you begin closing the sale...

1. Objections

People will object with the following:

  1. Price - "it's too expensive", "I can't afford it"
  2. Time - "I just want more time to think about it", "I don't make decisions on the spot"
  3. Partner - "I want to join I just have to check with my wife/husband"
  4. Not sure - "I just don't know, I need more information"

It is now your job to handle these objections ethically and appropriately. 

2. Armour of God - objection handling


  1. Active listening - be enthusiastic and care  
    “this is what I hear you saying…”

  2. Reward & Reassure - the reason they can’t is the reason they must.
    “thank you for being honest/sharing, many of our clients said that until…”

  3. Remind them what’s important to them from what they told you
    “I want to remind you that you told me that you wanted to…”

  4. Realign them with the purpose of the call
    “I want to realign you with the purpose of this call which is to…”

  5. Reframe
    Use the story of a client who made the same objection and say where they are now - SOCIAL PROOF.

  6. Contrast
    In 6 months would you want to achieve -insert what they told you-
    What is the cost of doing nothing and taking no action?
    Where are they now and where do they want to be?

Trial Close
If I could help you change that and achieve these goals would it be worth the investment?
Are you prepared to do what it takes?

3. Closing Tips

"4% of people make 90% of sales" - Zig Ziglar


People more often than not will object multiple times!
4% of salesmen go beyond the 4th objection where 90+% of sales are made.
Be prepared to handle 4+ objections!

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