The School of Transformation

8 weeks to totally transform the way you look, feel & perform.

April 7 - May 30


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Success Stories


Della Stanley

“All my clothes fit really well now and are not too tight. I’m feeling great”

Down 3.5kg in 4 weeks

Did the Jan 2019 Term.

Caroline LIM

(not pictured)

Did the Jan 2019 Term.

Lost 5.5kgs in 8 weeks

'my goal was to get under 60kg and I now weight 57.35kg! I can see physical changes but more importantly my bad food cravings have reduced I have better control over my eating habit and if I ever have a set back i know how to pick myself back up.’


'I've learnt a lot and I've incorporated much of the meal plan into my daily routine which is working very well'

Did the Jan 2019 Term.

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Nat Paver

Yeah I feel great. Happy with what I’ve achieved. And I Don’t really think I would want to loose anymore.

I don’t really feel different, you know how some people can ‘feel like a new person!’ I don’t really know what I was expecting but I still feel like me and I’ve still been able to do all the things I’ve wanted to do etc, but I can definitely see the changes in the photos and fitting in the jeans, that was a real highlight!

Thanks for all your help along the way Courtney!

sam mart

Dropped 3.5kgs, feeling focussed and energetic and PBd all my lifts. Thanks for your coaching!

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Lost 2.5kg bodyweight and 5.5cm off her waist in 4 weeks



Lost 4% body weight on a 4 week meal plan



9cm added to his chest, 5cm to his arms and down 5cm on his waist over 5 months



Lost 15kg in body weight over 12 weeks



Lost 8cm on hips and 7cm on waist, added 7cm to his chest over 12 months



Lost 5kg in 4 weeks



AM i a good fit for this program?

To be honest... this service is not for everyone. The people who will get the most out of this program typically have the following characteristics.
Like to take a lot of the thinking out of their nutrition and want something simple and easy to follow.
Struggle with consistency and need a serious kickstart to put them on the right track long term.
Are disciplined with their training but have completely neglected nutrition.

what do i get in the 8 weeks?

We start with an introductory week where you will do a full kitchen and pantry clean up to prep for the 8 weeks ahead.
You will be email a comprehensive questionnaire so that your coach will be able to customise the meal plan as best as possible to your needs.
Over the 8 weeks you follow your personalised plan to the best of your ability, watch the weekly educational content and book in check-up calls with your coach for any questions or concerns you may have.
The final week we set you up on our sustainability protocol to you can continue to see success with your nutrition long term.

when does it start?

The 8 week program runs from April 7 -may 30

iS this flexible dieting/iifym?

This is not straight flexible dieting or IIFYM.
In fact this program is completely different to what else is popular out there.

how Is this different to what i'm doing with my coach?

Great question.
If you're apart of Creature it's likely you are currently working with your coach on some aspects of your nutrition.
How you currently work with your coach is largely individualised between clients and coaches.
The school of nutrition is a more intensified version of what some of you may already be doing. The changes we are going to make will be faster and it will be more of an overhaul than what you may be use to.
The School also is packed with educational content you won't get anywhere else so you can read up and watch some awesome info on improving what you put in your body.

does it matter what my goal is?

Whether you wan't to lose weight, build muscle or just want to be healthier in general this program can meet your goal.

do i need to train?

You don't NEED to train but training during this program will dramatically accelerate your results.
Improving your nutrition can help you lose weight and body fat but with out the training stimulus it is near impossible to build any muscle.

how much does it cost?

The program is $250 for the entire 8 weeks if you are a member at Creature and $400 if you do not currently train at any of the Creature locations.

how much extra time will this take per week?

We've designed this program to be as time effective as possible for busy people.
Each week you only be required to watch a 5 minute video educating you on a certain aspect of nutrition.
Every other resource outside of the weekly video is optional and some weeks includes up to a 60 min podcast.
Please note you will need to shop for groceries and cook but we assume you are already doing this.


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