I have been a Senior Firefighter of over 8 years, currently working locally at Newtown Fire Station.

I am currently studying a bachelor of Science, majoring in Genetics and Biochemistry/Biotechnology.

I have been training in Crossfit for 5 years and last year in 2015 represented within the Crossfit Creature team at the Pacific Regionals.

Why do you workout, eat well and stay healthy?

Primarily for longevity in health, with a family history of heart disease. Secondly due to the nature of my job as a firefighter, physical performance directly affects how I'm able to complete my job

Main hobby outside the gym?

Most of the time is spent studying, which I do enjoy but any free time is spent catching up with mates for a coffee or occasionally a quiet beer.

What do you want to achieve for Creature in 2016?

I'd like to contribute to building the already vibrant culture we have both inside and outside of the gym. A happy and supportive environment has greater potential for people to achieve their goals.