Results courtesy of 4-part training model.

No two people or goals are the same.
At Creature we design a plan based off your needs and goals.
Functional training, accountability, nutrition and community.

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“All my clothes fit really well now and are not too tight. I’m feeling great”

Down 3.5kg in 4 weeks, using meal plans and regular classes.

Della Stanley, Creature Fitness Member


“feeling focussed and energetic and PBd all my lifts. Thanks for your coaching! “

Dropped 3.5kgs in 8 weeks

Sam Mart, Creature Fitness Member


“I’m proud to say I am back at pre-baby weight. It’s important to remember that a few days of consistency can quickly turn things back around in the right direction”

Down 2.5kg in 4 weeks, using meal plans and regular classes

Christina Werakso, Creature Fitness Member


“My body fat has never been this low. It really hasn’t been that hard, I’ve been having the odd cheat meal also.”

Down 4% Body Fat in 12 weeks, using meal plans and regular classes

Arlyn Owens, Creature Fitness Member


“ONCE i got started I never looked back. Starting is hard but once you’ve got momentum it’s much easier”

Down 15kg in 12 months, using meal plans and regular classes

Matt Kelly, Creature Fitness Member


“I will never go back to the way I was. I can’t believe you can change so much just by eating better and moving more regularly”

Down 15kg in 7 months, using meal plans and regular classes

Jared Zerdzinski, Creature Fitness Member


“it took a bit to get used to eating more but once i did the results showed. thanks to my coach for the accountability.”

Gained over 5kg of muscle in 6 months

Tim Davis, Creature Fitness Member


When starting creature back in December 2018, my goal was to become functionally fit to carry out the sports I love with more fitness, power and resistance to injury. I've come along way already to achieving that goal in the few months I have been training with the team at Creature. But one thing I didn't expect is the physical transformation my body has gone through. All my life, 30 years young, I have struggled to put on weight and gain size, after just a few months of regular classes, tailored home workouts and nutritional advice, all provided by Creature, I have gained 5kg of lean muscle, extra tone, and im filling out my old shorts and t-shirts. It feels great, and although not a specific goal of mine, the confidence it has given me both in and out of the gym is something I am very grateful for. With the dedication and individual care I have received from the team at Creature, I am well on my way to achieving my goals and setting new ones! Thanks legends!

Gained over 5kg of muscle in 6 months

Rikki Gilbey, Creature Fitness Member


“My pull ups and dips have improved! This has changed my training and overall happiness at being able to reach some goals”

Down 4.5kg in 8 weeks, using meal plans and regular classes

Reanon Bax, Creature Fitness Member


Judy lost 5 kgs for her wedding and has used the nutrition and training habits to maintain her weight loss.

Judy wore a bikini for the first time in 2 years on her honeymoon.

Down 5 kg in 12 weeks

Judy:, Creature Fitness Bondi


Nat wanted to learn more about nutrition and how to balance, training, work and some wines on the weekend. It was all about being aware and being prepared. The best part was fitting into jeans she was about to give away  because they were too small!

Down almost 5kg in 8 weeks

Nat Paver, Creature Fitness Member Bondi


Lara lost 7. Kilos and 34 cms in 2 months - weare still working on a healthy, mindful relationship with her food. Still enjoying a choccy before bed but not going crazy’s

Down 34cms and 7kg in 2 months

Lara, Creature Fitness East member


Adam lost 6kgs and 10 cms from his waist! now we are working on building some extra lean muscle mass and putting on some size.

Down 10cm and 6kgs

Adam Iveson, Creature Fitness Member


“I’ve been enjoying training and getting great results overall.

Plus my wife is really happy with my results too!”

Down 9kg in 16 weeks

Ilya Sender, Creature Fitness Member


“When you are consistent you definitely start to notice a difference..

I am feeling leaner and stronger”

Down 4% Body Fat in 8 weeks

Mark Ordona, Creature Fitness Member


Jake was sick of losing weight and gaining it all back in half the amount of time it took to lose. Now he is learning to lose AND maintain.

Down 6.6 kgs in 6 weeks, by tracking his food and trusting the process

Jake Frykberg, Creature Fitness Member Edgecliff


Sam lost 10kgs in 6 months. It was time to focus on herself before a holiday of a lifetime.

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