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Make it count.

Why CREATURE is the right fit for you.

You've never lacked will-power or discipline. 
You're driven, motivated and hard working.

Your successful professional career and entrepreneurial endeavours are a testament to these qualities.


Despite training hard, playing sport and eating 'healthy' for the last 15 years you can't seem to replicate the same results with your health and fitness.

You're sick of throwing money and more importantly time down the drain with multiple failed diets, programs and trainers. 

You don't have time to waste anymore. 
You need something which works and get results.
You need something which keeps up with your busy career and lifestyle. 

At Creature we help people exactly like you get the results through smart programming, a positive team environment and high level coaching.

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your personalised 3-day assessment.

Test strength, fitness, mobility and nutrition.


Coach for Life

meet a world class professional

Begin a life-time relationship with a professional all aspects of health and fitness.


Hybrid Training

train everyday with a positive team.

Begin smart programming year round for training, sleep and nutrition.


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Redefining CrossFit.

Bringing excellence to coaching.


Egor Sidelska, 27

"Standard gym stuff like biceps and back is just boring..."

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Our  Seriously Happy Members.

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"They really really care about you achieving your goals."

GIllian S
member since 2012



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Coach for Life

Begin your relationship with a seasoned health professional.

Our personalised approach to fast track your goals.

Learn all the skills needed to join classes 1 on 1.
Sleep and stress management plans.
Personalised nutrition plans.

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High level group class.

the best small group experience you will ever try.

Smart programming.
Skill progression.
Supportive and positive community.

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Smart Programming.

Movements, facilities and equipment optimised for results

Olympic Weightlifting.
Personal Training.
Movement rehab and injury prevention.


Enough scrolling.