The Basics consistently, is the ‘magic bullet’.

As humans we strive to find the newest and next shiny object to sky rocket our physique. Funnily enough losing fat comes down to some things you probably already knew.

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  If we don’t take care of our basic human needs we can’t expect the body to look healthy.

Our body often reflects the inside of what is happening on the outside.

Our biggest mistake…


We’re flawed when we think we can neglect important human needs.
These are the things we NEED to do but as humans we find a way to cut them off or sometimes get rid of them completely as they don’t tend to ‘fit in’ with our busy lifestyles.

Sometimes this ‘business’ can be the reason we add so much unwanted weight.
Fortunately to be healthy again is easy we just have to tune in and listen to what the body needs.

Once we do the rest is jus consistency.



They keep our cities buzzing, productive and profitable. But are they doing more harm than good to our health and waist lines?


Too much screen time each day? Digital wellness is a hotly debated topic so pay attention to your screen time and state of mind.


When’s the last time you got some much needed vitamin D? This can have serious health consequences.