5 muscle building foods

These foods were just made to help you pack on muscle.
We chose them because in our experience for most people these 5 are the winners, with many people getting great results.

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  Some foods were just built better than others for the context of building muscle.

We give you the insider’s knowledge for which ones sit atop the pack.

How’d we pick them…?


There are a few categories which distinguish the characteristics of certain foods as more appropriate for gaining weight.

The first and most important of these is palatability.
If they aren’t universally loved and easily made delicious then it would be hard to eat the amount required that’s appropriate for gaining muscle.

Second is accessibility. If these foods are hard to come by and expensive it’s never going to be convenient enough to find and eat the amount you need.

Third is the nutrient profile. These foods need to be packed with Muscle Building proteins, fats and vitamins which support tissue growth and joint health.



Animal proteins have a complete amino acid profile which contains essential pieces required to build muscle. Plant proteins often miss some of these essential amino acids.

Processed vs unprocessed.

If we had to choose we often pick whole foods over processed foods. However eating in higher quantities can be tough using only whole foods. Which is why you must consider some processed items to increase overall intake.


We’re helping you understand in what amounts you need these foods as this is more important than the foods themselves. a teaspoon of protein powder ain’t growing no muscle.