Heavy Vs Light Weights

We’ve been sold so many different opinions.
Thankfully we use science and research to really understand what works and we show you how to apply it to yourself in this guide.

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  Here is what the science tells us about everything we’ve studied in muscles.

We’re using research, science and our clients to show you how it all works.

Where the debate started…


Like most confusing things which become main stream we can usually pin point a couple of studies or infamous moments in time where the public believed a certain ‘truth’.

It’s like the whole cholesterol debate.
Since the initial study in the early 90’s linking cholesterol to heart disease, research scientists have had to create an overwhelming amount of evidence to show it’s simply not true.

This is what this debate is like. Most people believe light weight s are for ‘toning’ and heavy weights are for ‘bulking’ but what if this guide showed you neither is true.


how smart are muscles?

Believe it or not the intelligence of muscles is something we’ve researched a lot to see how they react to certain levels of stress so we best know how to change them.

scientific testing of muscle tissue

We’ve taken muscle to the lab to see what really changes given a certain context and how we can best apply it to the gym.

the balance is in your hands

Once you know the principles you’ll be able to grow muscles with whatever weight you choose.