Bachelor Physical Education – Exercise Physiology

Bachelor Science – Nutrition

Bachelor Science – Nursing (RN – Emergency Department)

Crossfit Level 1

International Gymnast

Former PT in Canada

Fitness Instructor (Group Power, Spin, Zumba - Level 2) in Canada

Why do you workout, eat well and stay healthy?

I have always loved training and pushing my body to its limit.
With my background in competitive gymnastics, training 4-5 times a week was the ‘Norm. 

I went through a stage, however, when I stopped training, and became quite unhealthy.
I gained a lot of weight and generally felt sluggish and unwell. This is was what drove me into a career in the Health & Fitness industry. I wanted to understand the ‘why’ behind what had gone wrong and to learn how I could reverse and prevent negative health outcomes in myself and in others.

Today I work out and eat well in an effort to be the Best Version of Myself that I can be. I believe that our bodies are truly our most valuable asset and as such we have a responsibility to look after them as best we can. 

Main hobby outside the gym?

Golfing, Spending time with friends, Reading, Beaching, Road Trips, Coffee dates, Red Wine (in moderation - of course :) ) 

What do you want to achieve for Creature in 2016?

Grow the community

Work with the Nutrition team in providing education and consultation services for members

Be an effective team-member in Creatures vision of Changing peoples lives