Some pretty amazing stories...

Watch and listen to some of the Creature clients from across our 3 locations.

Matt Kelly.

Results which speak for themselves.

13kg down in 12 months.

Up in muscle, mobility and strength.

Only the begginning. 


"I'm not letting TIME be my excuse."

"When people tell me that they're too 'busy' I like to say that 'busy' is out of control. 

If you simply can't find the 5 hours in the week to put towards your health and fitness and making yourself better then you simply do not value yourself.

You cannot pour water from an empty well so if you do anything as part of successful day it should involve time to improving yourself and in my case this is exercise!"


Mark works as head of marketing for a large apparel company and can often clock up 70 hour work weeks.

"Training is a privilege not a chore."  

"Joining Creature is the best decision I've ever made for my fitness. 

The world-class coaching, programming and nutrition planning has allowed me to become the fittest and strongest that I've been in my life. Quite simply, I would not have achieved what I have if I hadn't joined Creature. 

On top of all that, it's the most supportive and welcoming gym environment that I've ever experienced, thanks to the awesome community of members. 

It turns the gym from something that you have to do to something that you're lucky enough to get to do. 

If you want to push yourself to see what you're really capable of, join Creature." 

James works as head of product development for TAFE.

"You cannot put a price on self confidence."

"Creature has changed me.

Let's start with mentally,

Creature has put my head in a better place than it has ever been before. I have gained levels of confidence that I never even knew I had. 

Physically comes as a bonus, I may not be a poster boy for Calvin Klein just yet, but all the noticeable gains are a reflection of the hard work I have put in through the creature programming, which makes me pretty damn proud.

And in life in general, I'm back taking on sports that I have always loved, as well constantly trying new things. Before if I missed a session at the gym it was because I was lounging, now it's because I'm surfing the east coast or taking on 10k hikes. 

My fitness background consists of weight training with mates two to three times a week, and I'll admit I didn't see the appeal in CrossFit, why pay more just to workout? After a few weeks I found out what creature does for you, money cannot buy. "

Matt works in audio and video production for Channel 10.

"This is a place that exceeds your expectations."

"I've trained at CrossFit gyms around the world, and the atmosphere at Creature is second to none. The programming is purposeful, the coaches knowledgeable, and every class a joy! I can't recommend CrossFit Creature enough. You'll love it! 

Coach Lachlan took me under his wing over a year ago to help me achieve my physical potential, with the desire to become competitive in the sport of CrossFit.
I didn't have to ask him, he asked me! 

In that 12 month period I increased my strength, gymnastics, Olympic lifting and general fitness levels beyond where they had ever been in five years of CrossFitting, and improved more rapidly. He also helped address my diet, and even more importantly my mental approach to training and competing."


Rishi works and travels year round as a contractor for the Australian Government.

"Great programming makes all the difference."

I can say that in the 6 months I've been training at creature I've come leaps and bounds. I spent 2.5 years around the corner getting fitter but not necessarily making the progress I could have with you guys. 

I'm someone that struggles with setting long term goals, so 5 week programming has allowed me to stay focused and get to where I want with the right attitude. 

Little adjustments in my squat technique have allowed me to make pr after pr so am absolutely stoked with that. 

And the community is second to none. I'm also loving the continual communication via email with updates and the going ons around the gym. Makes you feel as if you're a part of what's going on etc. Rather than just rocking up one day and finding new equipment like I've experienced around the corner. 

Thanks for the thought and genuine love you guys put it. It shows and makes you fee guilty for missing a day!  


Nick owns and runs The Trail cafe in Vaucluse.


"A team of coaches that are experts in their field."

"I'd been doing CrossFit for a good 2-3 years before joining Creature. Every box I've been to has been fantastic for my fitness, and Creature is exactly that and more.

Intelligent programming with complementary gymnastics and weightlifting classes on the side have helped me improve on all of my goals.

My olympic lifting numbers have all gone up and my gymnastics movements are much more fluid. I am still seeing improvements which is outrageously pleasing!

The most impressive aspect of Creature though is the ability of the coaches and the member community - all of whom push you to do better, but also ensure you move safely. Since getting assistance and encouragement from everyone at Creature, I've been able to significantly fix my squat mechanics which I'm incredibly thankful for."


Des works full time in finance in Sydney's CBD.

"It's always hard to start but it's the best thing you'll ever do."

"Starting with my boyfriend made it easier but that wasn't to say I wasn't intimidated. 

All the fears I have I realise are just in my own head and it's nothing like you think it will be. 

It's not a place of ego it's a place of community and everyone is there to lift each other up.

Oh and no I don't believe weights make you look like a dude, it's just not true."


Kat works in accounting in Sydney's CBD