The best of the best for burning body fat.

Over 1000 clients and after 16,000 group classes it is clear the number are what they are. These exercises really do give you the best bag for buck in weight loss.

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  Combining the best of all domains of fitness.

We don’t restrict ourself to any one dogma, we sue it all. This has allowed us to test the most amount of exercises.

What makes them the best?


There are a few factors we need to consider in this selection. It’s important we factor these in as they will also have an impact on the longevity of the results.

Muscle recruited. Compound full body exercises which recruit the most amount of muscle are essential to burn the most amount of calories.

Metabolic demand post exercise. If any exercise really challenges you then afterwards what you will notice is your body is more hungry and thirsty. This is because it is still working hard to recover from the training. These certain exercises stimulate this activity the most and in the end burn the most fat while you’re at rest.

Intensity. Exercises which can have be loaded for the longest will result in allowing you to have the most appropriate stimulus for each person making them even more effective.


Getting the heart rate up.

Making sure there is an appropriate heart rate response is essential for picking the right fat burning zone.

free weights.

This is always going to win out over machines due to the amount of extra muscles used for stabilisation.

Bodyweight movements.

These work because anyone can do them without a gym.