Weights Vs Cardio

The debate still rages and our plan is to use science and experience to give you the best insight as to what works.
This guide will save you time and guess work.

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  It’s not always one or the other... but you should know if you had to pick one, which is best.

Many programs these days combine them but it is only in isolation can we truly see which one is superior for long term fat loss.

Can there only be one…


It’s far more about longevity and sustainability with all these things than anything else.
We want to make sure that whatever you choose you know you are making an informed decision.

For you to be informed you should look at the benefit and downsides of both training styles in isolation.

As well to take this a step further we talk in the guide about how to train the correct style sessions, frequency and suggested movements.


too much cardio?

If there is one training style which people over do it is cardio. We talk about some of the side effects of chronic cardio.

What are weights?

There are many different ways in which weights can be done. We talk about machines, free weights and even weight training classes so you know exactly what we are referring too.


We mention which style has the most benefits to your long term joint, ligament and tendon health.