Three reasons you should have Chosen CrossFit this Year

Here are the top three reasons you should have stepped into a CrossFit

It’s February already. It doesn’t seem like the year has got going yet, but roughly half of new gym goers have already given up.

Are you still going hitting hard with your new gym membership? Well nearly 80% of gym goers will have given up and cancelled their memberships by September.

But do some programs work better than others?

It turns out that by this time of year, if you do chose CrossFit over another type of exercise membership you are the most likely to still be on track to reaching your goals. If you chose yoga, on the other hand, the data indicates you are more likely to be stretching out your thumbs on the coach than your hips in class. The Cardlytics statistical data show us that CrossFit gym members are twice as likely to still be working out in February and at the end of the year.

Here are three reasons CrossFitters are most likely to stick to their resolutions.

Staying on track...

Staying on track...


1. It Gets Results

The research shows that CrossFit works. Plain and simple.

A study from Ohio State University put 54 men and women on a 10 week CrossFit style program and saw vast improvements in their fitness, a 4% decrease in fat, increased muscle mass, regardless of their starting fitness point. It is presumed this result is a product of the high intensity workouts, coupled with functional movements.

The importance of truly high intensity work has been shown time and time again. One peer-reviewed study compared an easy 45minutes on a bike compared to high intensity interval group. The High-intensity group lost nine times the fat. The research is clear…some general shoulder stretching and finishing with some chanting isn’t quite going to cut it when it comes to body transformation.

2. Its Social

“Lets do this” is more powerful that “I am going to do this”.

At CrossFit every one of all members hit the workouts together and with as much effort as they can muster. Among members, the workouts are scaled, personalised, or might even look completely different; but the comradery and sense of team is unmistakable.

The workouts are NOT easy. But, on the day you are feeling flat, Jenny is there to pick you up, and vice versa. The end result is all members giving it 100% day in day out, far exceeding their results if training by themselves. Taking this to the next level are partner workouts and social events. Its harder to walk away from your new fitness focused friends when you are feeling less motivated in March…

Don't try it all by yourself

3. You have a COACH

If you don’t know who your coach is... your not getting the most out of your exercise.

Coaching and accountability works like magic. What shape do you think you would be in, if Arnold Schwarzenegger walked you through your session each day? Or was checking your food diary at the end of the week?

The real reason everyone has given up by February is that there was no one keeping him or her accountable or coaching them effectively. If you step in to the right CrossFit, you will know who you coach is, and you won’t want to let him or her down.

Everyone needs a coach

Everyone needs a coach

Have you already given up? OR are you going to stick it out? The gym you have chosen, not your own efforts, could be the deciding factor.