3 performance boosting supplements most athletes overlook

When it comes to reaching the highest levels of performance few topics are more debated than nutrition.

There are not many things vegans, paleo people and flexible dieters agree on.
You constantly hear convincing arguments on all sides.

But what can you rely on?
What is universally true?
What can you take to give you tangible results?


Here are the three proven performance enhancers:


1. Electrolyte hydration mix.

Even though you know hydration is important.
I’m here to tell you how important it really is.
I’m here to remind you about some shocking but real facts.

0.5% decrease in your body weight (due to water loss) puts an increased strain on your heart.

1% a decrease in your aerobic endurance.

3% a decrease in your muscular endurance.

Have you ever weighed yourself before and after training...

It’s not hard to lose half a percent.
You could lose half a percent just walking to the gym on a summer day.

Unfortunately our bodies are slow to tell us we are dehydrated.

Thirst usually occurs after the body has already lost 1-2% of it’s weight in water.

My recommendation:

My clients use a simple and effective hydration strategy.

At least half a litre of water everyday upon waking.
Another half a litre consumed 1 hour before training. Allowing proper absorption.

As well adding a 1/10 dilution of sugar and electrolytes (sports drink powder) to increase the speed of hydration before a workout.



2. Caffeine

Consuming caffeine is one of the most effective ways to increase your performance.

When you drink a cup of coffee you feel a tangible difference in your level of energy, focus and motivation.
Increasing the dose increases the effects.

Double blind placebo studies show time and again improved aerobic endurance with caffeine consumption.
The studies also show an increased pain tolerance and increased strength metrics.

The effect on the brain is what most theories are crediting for the increased performance.

By enhancing mental attributes you positively affect the physical.

My recommendation:  

I get my clients to start slow.
Not everyone tolerates caffeine the same.
Genetic studies are also beginning to show caffeine metabolism varies hugely from person to person.

What might take me 5 hours to metabolise might take you 3 days.

So start slow and don’t overdo it.

Make sure if you’re an evening exerciser to have it around midday.
Too close to bedtime will have a negative effect on your sleep.


3. Curcumin

You probably have at some point experienced an injury or some uncomfortable joint pain.
You also know this pain holds you back from getting fitter, faster and stronger.

I look back over my long injury history plagued with various joint issues and can clearly see how my performance was held back.

Enter Curcumin.
One of the most effective natural supplements to reducing overall joint pain and inflammation.
A consistent high dose can give you effective relief from joint pain, stiffness and inflammatory symptoms.

My recommendation:

In the same way you would take anti-inflammatory medicine (which I don’t advise) is the same way you take curcumin.
As far as I know it is the safest and most effective way to relieve pain.

Take 400-500 mg daily and see how your symptoms react.

Be wary of long term regular use.

Take it sparingly in periods when pain levels are seriously reducing your performance.

Naturally occurring in turmeric means adding it into recipes can be a good way to build it into your diet long term.

You should also take it with black pepper which increases its absorption.


There you have it.
Three essential additions to any diet to enhance performance.

Science and dogma both agree so go for it.


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