What my Dad taught me about health

Yesterday it was my dad's 60th birthday... yep, 60!

Six whole decades. 

I can barely believe it but want to know what is more scary?

His dad (my grandpa) was also sitting across from him who only recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

As I sat there with a soft smile on my face listening to my dad give his speech about what he has learned over the last 60 years I couldn't help but notice something...

I am... my dad.

I am... my grandpa.

And you know what they are?

Healthy as f**k.

They have their health. 

This is their gift they have passed onto their children.

Not money.
Not properties.
Not some fame or notoriety. 


Grandpa paddles with his mates every morning.

Dad just got back from 5 days on the slopes in Perisher.

They can still live their lives.

They can still get up, book a trip anywhere and not have to worry about...

Packing their medication.
Senior transportation.
Aged care amenities.

Your body and your health is SO important and it's not until we don't have it that we regret not looking after it.

I hope you're looking after yourself.

We only get one shot at this.