7 healthy habits to revamp your 30's

You’ve experienced first hand the slow decline in energy and vitality which comes with another decade of life under the belt.

Mother nature is an unstoppable force and unless some new Tesla body parts become available to the public... ageing is inevitable.

So what exactly is it at 30 onwards which contributes to the decrease in our vitality?

Can we prevent or even reverse these things?

Firstly our natural production of testosterone (men and women) declines.
This has a ripple effect to all processes in the body.

And this unfortunately is what contributes to us feeling less energised.


There are ways to slow down and in some cases reverse this occurrence.

Secondly you are also now experiencing the net result of thousands more repetitions of bad lifestyle habits.
Late nights, drinking and poor food choices.
Not to mention career pressure, relationship stress and an ever growing stack of bills to pay.

It’s life…

And if you’re not careful one day you wake up in your 30’s feeling pretty crappy.

So here is what you can do about it.

By following even just 1 of the 7 protocols we use at Creature Fitness you will feel a noticeable uptick in your daily energy, promise.

Note, whilst these are great habits for any age they have been specifically targeted towards busy professionals and business owners in their 30s.

  1. Unplug your mornings

    From the moment you rise a 60 min clock begins. No emails, no social media and no calls/texts. These are ‘reactive’ activities and immediately set the tone of your day.
    Allow yourself a period of calm before stepping into the chaos.

  2. Morning Hydration.

    Drink 0.5-1 L of room temperature water with a teaspoon of himalayan salt first thing out of bed. Hydration and electrolyte balance are critical to optimal bodily functions. Especially if physical training is involved. Even at 1% dehydration you will experience fatigue, lack of focus and less energy.

  3. Morning Sunlight.

    Get 10 minutes of morning sunlight. Set your alarm to get you up around sunrise. Go for a walk, sit on your balcony, do whatever you need to get your skin soaking in the golden rays.

  4. Use a light alarm.

    We recommend the Philips Light Alarm.
    Loud abruptive alarms flood your body with adrenaline causing you to wake in a fight or flight state. New research is connecting the dots between long term heart health and wake up rituals.
    The light alarm keeps your phone out of the bedroom and secondly allows you to wake up gradually to light not sound.

  5. Greens Powder.

    Most of us don’t eat enough vegetables, we’re too busy. Consume an all in one greens powder first thing in the morning. We like Activated Nutrients and recommend it to our clients.

  6. Awareness breathing.

    One thing we get really good in our 30’s is stressing about the past and future. This causes our brains to become more fatigued by constantly expending energy on unnecessary stress. We can dramatically reduce this by practicing 10 minutes of focused breathing in the morning. Simply sit on the end of your bed and count your breaths for 10 minutes. You will get distracted and your mind will wonder but the idea is to bring your focus back every time to your breathing.

  7. 12, 000 steps

    Get off your stop 1 station before. Take the stairs, walk the long route, walk in the mornings. Yes it’s a little more uncomfortable and difficult but if you don’t you slowly become more sedentary.

So what’s the next step from here?

The key to success is to pick one thing from this list.

Choose the easiest of all 7 and the one you know you can’t fail at… do it for 2 weeks and then once it becomes second nature, find the next easiest one and repeat.

It’s simple but not easy.

We’re here for you if you ever need more help just reach out.