How To Go From Scorpion Handstand To Straight

How To Go From Scorpion Handstand To Straight

If you're someone who kicks up to a handstand and feels super uncomfortable, restricted, tight, can feel your back bending and/or struggles to hold for 30sec+, I have some things for you to work on.

These are my top 4 corrections which will significantly improve your handstand position.
Note: most people need to work on multiple of there...if not all of them.

1. Wrists Work on your wrist mobility and strength. This is often overlooked...probably because there are so many other things happening in a handstand. If you base position (i.e. wrist) isn't right the rest of you handstand will be going in the wrong direction from the very start and compensations will need to be made elsewhere.

2. Shoulders Having an "open" shoulder position is also very important, Improving mobility through shoulders, chest and lats will help you to open up and develop a straight line.

3. Thoracic Thoracic ties in closely to shoulders, a tight thoracic will also restrict your overhead position.

4. Core You all know the term "hollow" by now, it's frequently programmed in the warm ups and gymnastics classes. Improving your core will help you to improve your position and stabilise to eventually balance on your hands. I will go into more detail with specific exercises in an upcoming email, if you know one of these are an issue for you you can start working on it now.



Working on your handstand posture is really important in my eyes, but sitting and standing posture is even more essential.

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