Wrist pain? Here's how to ditch wrist wraps forever.

Credit should always be given where credit is due. The following exercises were inspired by and are variations by Coach Chris Sommer, founder of gymnasticsbodies.com.

Skinny, hyper-mobile wrists in combination with hundreds of loaded overhead movements only means one thing, excruciating constantly nagging wrist pain.
 But that's only one half. 
Thick stiff immobile wrists forced into positions weighted by heavy loads creates identical issues.

Do you fit into one of the above categories?
Or do you generally just have weak wrists?

The main culprits in CrossFit are often heavy jerks, HS walks, heavy front squats and over head squats.
If you are nodding your head and thinking yes these f**k my wrists to no end then I have a solution below. 


  • 2x per week
  • 2-3 sets of 10 reps per exercise (2 sets when you are beginning)
  • to be done on days or sessions not involving the above mentioned movements
  • scale movement appropriately as shown in the video, this is for strength NOT endurance so take your time and avoid fatigue


Exercise 1 - Front of the wrist stretch, 30 sec hold.

Exercise 2 - Back of the wrist stretch, 30 sec hold.

Exercise 3 - Fingers in V push up.

Exercise 4 - Back of the wrist half push up.

Exercise 5 - push up eccentric to finger push up concentric.

Exercise 6 - 5 finger push up.

Exercise 7 - Knuckle push up.

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