Supplements for beginners

If you follow our blog…

Last week’s article talked about how to create the perfect post-workout shake.

With your unique formula you were set to hit the stores.



There’s just one problem...


What’s really in supplements?


Below is your guide to reading the back of any bag, bottle or magic potion.


Rule No. 1 - Know your goals


Know what you need. The biggest mistake you will make is entering a supplement store not having done your research.
This sets you up to be sold every pill, powder and potion under the sun. Most of which you don’t need.


‘Supplement’ your diet. Know what you need and where it fits in.

For example…

If you are doing CrossFit make sure you are shopping for carbohydrate powders to replace lost energy after your WOD.
Not pre-workout stimulants to get a boost in muscle pump.


Rule No. 2 - know your ingredients

The supplement industry is swimming in strange terminology. Here are a few key-words to look out for:


1: ‘Proprietary Blend’ is a mix of ingredients whose total amounts do not have to be listed. This is a company's opportunity to short you more expensive product for cheaper substitutes.
Think of buying a ‘green juice’ and finding out they used 98% water and 2% greens. It’s a similar situation.


2: ‘Glycine, Arginine, Creatine, Taurine’ are ways for protein powders to falsely increase the total amount of protein. Companies can ‘legally’ use these ingredients to inflate the total grams of protein. You may then not be getting all the quality protein you think you are paying for.


3: ‘Trans fat’ is the nastiest nutrient you can put in your body. Any product that contains even 0.1g of trans fat should be avoided. This usually means the product contains some nasty chemical. This is toxic. AVOID.


Rule No. 3 - know where to shop


Shop around.


With the internet everything has changed. I don’t need to tell you this.

Most companies are now wholesale to consumer. Removing the middleman aka retail outlets offers you a significant discount on products.


It may seem suspicious…

Buying food and powders on the internet is weird.
I know.
But you can safely buy supplements on the internet and get a really good price.



That’s it for some basic rules.
This is such a big topic to discuss.
I only want to give you the most simple rules to follow.


Here is my final thought…


Food technology has come such a long way.
When I was first purchasing supplements 10 years ago I couldn’t read the first ingredient.

A lot has changed.


You should not have to consume excess chemicals, binders and flavourings. Supplements should be simple with a few quality ingredients.
Any product that exceeds 8-10 ingredients is usually a red flag for the average consumer. It’s a broad stroke rule but it can work pretty well if you are new to this.

Great companies invest in their product development. They create unique ways to bind everything together, make it consumable and at a really good price.
My clients use our ‘Critical-2 supplements’ that tick all the boxes. Plugging them into their nutrition program maximises results like nothing I’ve ever seen.


In all honesty…


Most ingredients in supplements do not have enough research to back the claims any way. So what are you really buying?

Pick something off the shelf which you have a good feeling about. What does your gut tell you… literally.

If it looks like poison it’s not for human consumption.

Doing your research well means you don’t have to repeat the headaches of researching new products every month. FInd a company you trust.
Once you have found your perfect formula.
Be patient.
Stick to it.


Results may vary ;)