Why most Fitness Resolutions fail and the 5 things you can do to beat the odds

2016 is gone.

What a crazy year it was for the Australian fitness scene.
With half a million Sydney-siders checking in at least once to their gym according to Fitness Australia’s ‘Annual Report.’  

That’s a lot of people going to the gym.

But how many of them succeeded?

How many kept their promise to lose weight, gain muscle and start eating healthy?

We can’t say for sure.
However there are a few things to note.

According to the ‘Annual report’…

  1. ‘Functional fitness and body weight training’ along with ‘Personal Training’ were voted number 1 & 2 as the most reliable and stable forms of training

  2. Pole dancing, ballet and ‘insta-fitness programs’ were the bottom three most likely to be a fad.

  3. The industry predicts an increase in specialised training, more time-efficient methods and a higher standard of education amongst trainers.


In summary you’re likelihood of success may increase if you train functional fitness, have a personal trainer and avoid ‘fad’ online training methods.

Creature’s hybrid coaching program regularly exceeds the industry standard combining personalised coaching, functional strength training and specialised gymnastics work across three locations.

But what if you did everything above and still came up short?

How can you truly succeed in 2017…

It is my life’s mission to find proven ways to get what you really want and share them with my clients.

In 2016 I spent nearly $40k on mentorship, education and implementation. I found the tools to get what I want. In business, fitness and in my personal relationships.


If you want to crush 2017 here is my advice…
Here are my 5 tools...


1. Clean your temple

Do you want more energy in your career, relationships and in your body?

Mediocre exercise, eating and lifestyle choices have left you feeling slow, tired and constantly stressed.

Take an honest look.
Are you putting the right foods in your body?
Is your training program varied and challenging?
Are you being coached by a professional?

If you don’t know the answers that’s ok. Keep reading.


2. Get a coach

If there is a single reason why you will not achieve your 2017 goals it is because you are going at it alone.

You have absolutely…

No expert guidance.
No experience beyond the point you are at.
No idea of how to best go from A to B.

This is why you will stop.
Why you will give up…
And why the first obstacle on your path will crush you.

Find a coach for whatever your goal.
Pay them to listen to you cry, celebrate and attempt to quit every 3 months.

They will be invested in your success.
With someone by your side I think you’re a good bet to succeed in 2017.


3. Master your morning

Did each day feel empty or wasted in 2016?
Were you left feeling like you couldn’t get on top of everything?


Best selling ‘self-help’ author Tim Ferriss stresses how doing what is most important to you in the morning increases your ability to succeed.

Simply attacking your highest priorities in the morning will have you more productive, successful and energised.
This is because the in morning our biology gives us the most resources for physical and mental activity.

As an example…


If seeing progress in your fitness routine is your highest priority then attending the morning class is your best chance for success.

If getting a promotion in your career is your top priority…
Set an alarm and be first in the office.
Rip through the morning then cruise into the gym stress free in the evening.


4. Create your team of accountability buddies

Did you tell anyone what you wanted in 2016?

Staying small and being quiet helps no one, especially not you.

Tell everyone in your social circle what you want from 2017.
Don’t read out your entire list just tell them the most important thing. Or if you are especially brave post it on facebook.

Let everyone know you are serious and if they see you slipping to slap you out of it.


5. Drink a regular cup of failure

We all know the path to success is not a straight line. Set the goal of being ‘slightly better’ not ‘perfect’.

Don’t let one boozey holiday, one bad day of eating or a small injury derail an entire year.
I often see these normal parts of life have ripple effects of self sabotage.

Don’t let 3 days effect 5 months.

Take a deep breath.
Then climb back onto your horse.

Any change is difficult.
You are collection of habits that make patterns which form behaviours.

It only takes changing one small habit to make a big difference.
Set the goal of the first step not the whole mountain.

Watch the positive change ripple into the rest of your life.

Want some Help?

This stuff only took me 8 years, 300+ clients and 3 facilities to figure out.

So, if you’re still working on it, that’s okay. Normal even. If you’re here, reading this, it probably means you’re moving forward.

At the same time, if you’d like some help and guidance with eating, exercise, or other healthy lifestyle habits, we’re accepting new clients from Jan 2nd 2017.

Just so you know, we take a limited amount of new clients we can bring on every month.

Across our 3 locations our capacity is limited and filling fast.

However if you are motivated, coachable and willing to invest in yourself we want to hear from you.

Book in a call with us and let’s see if we are a good fit. Find out why our client always hit their new years resolutions.


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