3 unexpected reasons your results have plateaued and what to do about it.

It has nearly been a full 7 years of helping people get stronger, leaner and happier.


In the beginning it was all about the sets and reps, how hard you push and how much sweat you lose.


But after some time I began to see that the most hard working, intense and sweatiest clients in the gym often were the ones who plateaued first, which seems counter-intuitive… how can the person who gives the most in the workout be stagnating first and why is more, more and more in the gym just making it worse?


This is the question that after much reflection and a completely new approach we at Creature have been able to fix.


But first let’s identify if you’re rapidly approaching a plateau or if you are in one :


1. You’re training alone 90% of the time. 

“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” - motiavtional speaker Jim Rohn.

This applies to anything you do, your workplace, your social group and yes especially your training. So who is around to push you, no take your bullshit and keep you accountable?
Or, are you on instagram in between sets?


2. You’re jumping from program to program, coach to coach searching for the magic formula.

This is what it looks like on the surface and is a big warning sign but what it really is, is trust.

You’re no trusting yourself to go all in, you’re not trusting the coach knows best, you’re not trusting the process. Trust and be patient. 


3. Your solution to everything is more. 

How often do you take the weight back and listen to your body, have a day off or balance your energy bank account with solid recovery protocols like regular massage and sport chiro appointments? 
One basic principle of the body is that the time in the gym is breaking you down and the time outside is spent building you up. 

So are you building your self up or have you only laid a few bricks today?


Have you identified with reason 1, 2 or 3? Or worse, all of them?


It’s okay, plug in and listen to our 10 min guide to breaking through your training plateau and implement our actionable plan to becoming a more successful athlete.