Your CrossFit gym could be closing soon... will it survive the apocalypse?

CrossFit is not dying, CrossFit is changing.

In any market the laws of demand and growth apply and work the same overtime universally.

Internet trending of search term 'CrossFit', and indicator of global popularity.

Internet trending of search term 'CrossFit', and indicator of global popularity.

You have an unpredictable surge of momentum (2011-2014 as above), a chaotic amount of growth and soon every man and his dog jumps on board.

In the case of CrossFit the number of CrossFit affiliate gyms opening exploded.

People were pouring into CrossFit gyms to get the gritty training and sweaty six packs everyone was raving about.

And so the fitness revolution was born...

CrossFit made it simple, build it and they will come.

F**k gym contracts, f**k marketing, f**k sales and free trials for everyone.

It was a middle finger to the fitness industry, a cult like exercise program with a ‘bad arse’ attitude. 

They didn’t listen to the rules. They wrote their own rules.

It was the peoples’ gym. Finally a place where your neighbour could separate from huge globo gyms and start his own, even out of his garage… and yes with his dog by his side.

It was beautiful. A place for anyone and everyone, no judgement, no bullshit training just hard work.

Well like any ride it has to come to an end.

Enter 2016 and well we are now in a ‘consolidating market’.

CrossFit Affiliates opening (green) & closing (red)

CrossFit Affiliates opening (green) & closing (red)


Not a bad thing, we are just moving into the long game just like any other industry.

So what does this mean for you and your gym?

PAY ATTENTION to this it’s important.

The bar has been raised and here are some key components to know if your gym/box is going to thrive or survive.

1. No Marketing & Sales Plan

Why does this matter?
This is what keeps any gym from sinking or swimming.

Every one is doing it to some extent, most don't know they are. What is your gym doing?

Your coach and gym owner probably has once said, “It’s not about the money, I do it for the love”… that’s very romantic but in reality everyone has bills to pay and expensive futures to build and save for.

Ao can your gym owner tell you about their Marketing and Sales plan? Is it working? The success is a good indicator of if you need to find a new CrossFit gym anytime soon… gone are the days of 'build it and they will come’.


2. Random programming.

No idea when you’re back squatting next? Doing a different thing every Monday? Are you not making progress… the owner probably wrote the workout this morning.
Random programming = random results. 
Structured programming = consistent results.


3. No communication.

When’s the last time you got an email from your coach or box owner? If it wasn’t in the last month you may want to check if he has payed his internet bills. Do things often seem to happen and you had no idea about them? Did the class get cancelled but no one told you? Are you encouraged regularly to give feedback? Great gyms have solid communication.


4. Head coaches being payed hourly.

Lots of gym have coaches that get paid hourly, that’s fine there is nothing wrong with that. However the top and longest serving coaches at any gym should not be (unless they choose). Most importantly is there long term opportunity for them to make real money? Most head coaches in CrossFit affiliates have been doing the gig for 5+ years now, are they still being paid like it is a hobby? These amazing humans deserve more! 
More hours = more pay - not a good model. There is only so much someone can coach (if they are truly doing a good job every hour) in one day before they get burnt out. Does your favourite coach seem a little burnt out? This amazing person who has changed your life should be paid and given opportunity to make a sustainable and comfortable future for themselves. 

If your gym does all these things and does them well STAY, in fact PAY THEM MORE MONEY.

These are the gyms that are being run like a real business, that get clients sustainable, amazing results that will thrive in the coming years and continue to change the lives of many hundreds even thousands in their local community.

Some of you reading this however may need to jump ship.

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