5 Tips For Linking Your Toes To Bar

5 Tips For Linking Your Toes To Bar

Toes to Bar (TTB) are a very important skill in our sport, we do them all the time in workouts, much of the time we are required to do many reps which is why efficiency is so important.

The drills below have helped many of my clients go from doing singles to linking five or more reps. Linking reps will make the biggest difference to your workout.


Here are my 5 best tips to help you get bigger sets of Toes to Bar

1. Stop doing single TTB in workouts
This is my top tip, the more you do swinging singles the further away you move from linked TTB. This movement won't help you develop your skill, coordination and it won't transfer to other kipping movements. Instead, start doing kipping Toes to 90 degrees or higher but ensure you link the reps.  

Watch video (if you have tight hamstrings soften your knees)
Toes to L (or higher) 5-10 sets of 3-5 reps

2. Practice positions Hollow & Superman
Practice hollow and superman positions in all the variations, the best thing about this is that it will transfer to all your other gymnastics movements.

Hollow hold or rock 3 x 20-40sec
Superman hold or rock 3 x 20-40sec

3. Build Hip Flexor strength
A significant requirement is hip flexor strength, this is often overlooked. You're lifting your toes to the bar hundreds of times, hip flexors need to be prepared.

Watch video
Seated hip flexor lift (straddle or pike) 3 x 10-15sec/side

4. Straight Arm Strength
To help you get the angle of your body and reduce the distance to the bar.

Watch video
Straight arm pulldown 3 x 10 reps (increase band thickness to increase difficulty)

5. Hip and hamstring flexibility
Improving flexibility in hips and hamstrings will allow you to achieve an open kipping position as well as getting your toes to the bar without restriction.

Watch video
Kneeling lunge 90sec/side
Kneeling pike 90sec/side

Follow the steps above and you will probably recognise where you need more work. If you're unsure grab me next time I see you in the gym.

I'd love to hear how you go with this. Feel free to email me on katdalecki@creaturefitness.com.au