Goal Setting... You're Doing It Wrong

Goal Setting.

Week 1 was about finding your why.

I received some great responses, which was awesome! I would love to keep this series interactive.

I will share some of the answers with you all.
(I received permission of course)

“Originally I started CrossFit because I played field sports. I would get pushed around by the other athletes because I was the smallest one on the field. I wanted to be stronger to stand my ground. 

Now that I can do that, I have a new why. It is to keep pushing the limits with my body. I like learning new things and realising that you are only limited by the constraints you put on yourself”


“I've had such a long history of doing things to my body that were hurtful and unhealthy. Feeling physically strong has helped me in recovering from an eating disorder, releasing the past and to create a new story for myself about who I am and all the things I can do and achieve”

Once you have your ‘why’ you can move onto the next step with goal setting.  

Goal Setting

Write down your number one training goal. You probably already know what it is. It is the one that you think about every week, maybe even every day. 

I recommend writing a goal down that requires work, NOT something that would happen eventually without much additional effort on your part.  

Run it by this checklist, which is my own version of the popular “Smart” goal setting formula. 

-Your goal needs to relate to your ‘why’  (Specific to your purpose)

-Progress can be tracked (Measurable)

-With the resources available to you, you could achieve this goal in your lifetime (Attainable)

-Have you set up a time frame? I recommend around 12 months (Time-bound)

Share your goal with me by responding back to this email :) 

Footnote: Whilst setting a goal is important, it is not permanent. You will reprioritise at some stage, maybe even on a regular basis. 
Don't get too stuck on this step- the next step is more important. 

In week 3 I will share my training goals with you and we will start to focus on the creating a plan to work towards your goal.

Smoothie recipe
Currently starting my day with this delicious drink!

1 handful of fresh kale leaves

1 handful of fresh spinach leaves

½ cup of mixed frozen berries

1 scoop true protein- banana and honey flavour

1 tsp activated nutrient greens powder

½ cup of uncle toby’s oats

¼ avocado

150ml water