The Only Way To Never Stress Over Your Results Again

Process vs Outcome.

In week 1, you heard about my “why.”

My why for training aligns exactly with my why for coaching. 

I aim to be a role model for others. I want my clients, friends and family to look at my training and lifestyle choices and learn from my successes and failures. 

Here is a recent “win" in this area

After months of personal training with me & LOTS of encouragement.. (see below)



I care about my clients in this same way.. they might not be my mum or dad.. but they are someone else's Mum, Dad, Brother or Sister.. And they need to be looked after.

Fitness can be challenging to fit into a 21st century lifestyle.. but if I am asking my clients to commit time and effort, I always do the same.

If I ask someone to fit training into their busy schedule, then I need to do the same. 

If I ask my clients to spend a few hours on Sunday doing meal prep, then I need to do the same. 

If I ask my clients to give 100% effort in their training, then I need to do the same. 

This brings me to CrossFit

Did you know that I am competing but am NOT trying to win? 

Sure, I like to win, but winning is not my goal. 

So then you might ask.. why bother? What are you doing it for?

I am focussed on the process, not the outcome.

Some of you may know that I have been competing at the CrossFit Regionals for a number of years, in both the individual competition and with the team. I intend to compete as long as it still interests me.



 2014 Pacific Regionals, Individual.

In the past, the competition really drove me. It was my main and only purpose. I needed to be working towards a competition in order to train hard. (this was something probably ingrained in me from elite gymnastics). In my early 20’s I rearranged my whole life to dedicate my efforts towards CrossFit.

Now.. its 2018 and my 8th year of CrossFit. 

I still love it.. but the novelty has worn off. Whilst it would be nice to qualify a Creature team for the CrossFit Games, I have no interest in doing so individually. I am 27 and have other priorities in my life. Top of the list is helping my clients at Creature and Dalecki Strength and becoming the best coach I can be. 

In my last email I asked you to set a goal. 

And now I am telling you that the outcome isn't that important. 

Why would I do that? 

Lets look at my goal for 2018. 

Help Team Creature qualify a team and compete with them at Regionals. 

The team still try to win. But the reward isn't tied to the win or place.

In the process of trying..

I have to train really hard, but I don't have unlimited amount of time, so I also have to train smart.

If I work towards regionals, I will keep progressing my strength and fitness . I believe if you aren't going forwards, you are going backwards. 

I will have to prioritise my sleep and dial in my nutrition. 

I will inspire others to challenge themselves.

At the same time, I will still be able to enjoy social occasions with my friends and family as I won't be 100% strict with every last detail.

All these things add to my life in a positive way. 

Now lets look back at the goal you set. 
Does it add to your life in a positive way? 

Let's say you said you wanted a "6 pack" 
If the process looked like
-Education, consistency with training, better quality foods, less alcohol, improved mood and confidence..
Then I would say this seems like a great goal for you! 

If for the same goal the process looked like
-Constantly weighing self, stressing about what the scales say, feeling guilty about eating, over training and anxiety.. 
Then I would say this goal is not a great choice at this time. 

Your assignment for the week.. think again about the goal you set, then write down what the process towards achieving that goal looks like. 

Coach Ev :)