Guilt Free Eating Out

Guilt Free Eating Out

In this day and age where we eat out at least one to two times a week I believe this is a topic worth reading about.

When picking a restaurant/place to eat you need to keep in mind that most restaurants are going to be using the lowest quality cooking materials.

Vegetable oil, flour, and very low quality meats. Your best bet when choosing a restaurant is to implement one or more of the following:


Have A Light Healthy Snack Before Heading Out

If you have a social event on and have the unfortunate case of not being able to control the venue have a light snack before you head there. In most cases this will help control you going off the rails with food portions but still allow you to enjoy the food like everyone else. Portion size is the key here!


Your Food Should Be Cooked On A Grill

A REAL grill that leaves grill marks on your food.
The flat ones kind of like McDonalds are ALWAYS covered in cheap cooking oils to keep it greased up.


Say No To Free Or Complimentary Starters

Never let the waiter bring tempting things to the table like bread or chips with your food. Just having them there will tempt you, so ask if they can wrap your food in lettuce or ask for a side of veggies instead of other options ;) ;)


At A Wedding Or Event - Tell The Staff You Are Gluten Intolerant.

Pretend to be allergic to Gluten so that you get better quality food and the chef is careful while making your food. They usually will cook your food on a separate pan if you ask  :)

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