3 ways to manage your overwhelming stress

I recently read an article on how regular meditation may be more beneficial than a holiday.

The article reports on 3 groups of people, those that take a holiday, novice and regular meditators.
They measured improvements in stress and depression.

All groups showed improvements immediately after the study and what was most interesting is the regular meditators still showed improvements in their scores 10 months after the study whilst holiday takers returned back to their baseline.

You might know the feeling of returning from a holiday, coming back to work, you hit the ground running and feel like you never went on holidays.
Why is that?
Is it because we don't have good strategies for dealing with stress?

I'm looking at my day to day lifestyle, finding ways to improve.

Meditation and mindfulness show to have many positive effects on lifestyle. 
It can help:

- Manage stress and anxiety
- Enhance awareness and creativity
- Improve concentration and increase productivity
- Improve sleep
- and many, many more

I have tried a few mindfulness/meditation practices, here are a few of that are working well for me.

1. Colouring books, recently this has been my favorite activity, it occupies my mind, hands and the repetitive motion helps me focus.

2. Stretching, I've started blocking out 10 min in the middle of the day. Choosing 3 stretches, holding for 2-3min each, focusing on breathing.

3. Headspace app, I haven't quite mastered meditation yet. I often fall asleep, I don't know if that's a good or bad thing but I certainly feel relaxed.

I'd encourage everyone to find ways to meditate, manage stress or practice mindfulness if it can make a difference in your concentration, productivity, and health, why not.

If you need more reasons to start meditating today read 20 Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today.

Read the article here Regular meditation more beneficial than vacation

I'd love to hear how you go with this. Feel free to email me on katdalecki@creaturefitness.com.au.