What Is Real Core Strength?



I'm back again for another installment! As you can already tell this week I want to talk to you guys about core training.
It's something that I've used regularly in the past with a lot of my clients but I believe its understated, under-trained and under appreciated! So I put together 40 (yes Four Zero) of the baddest core workouts and will be sharing them with you today (some of you may already have this), so that you can get started on them tomorrow. 

So what is the core anyways? The core consist of more than just your abdominal area. It is a series of complex muscles that all work together and play important role in the body’s everyday function. Functions such as protecting your internal organs, ensuring mobility of the spine and trunk, stabilizes the top part of the body over the bottom part and controls the pelvic-lumbar relationship (how you use your hips!)

These muscles include the:

  • Transversus abdominis,

  • Multifidus,

  • Internal and external obliques,

  • Rectus abdominis,

  • Erector spinae, and

The minor core muscles include the:

  • Latissimus dorsi,

  • Gluteus maximus, and

  • Trapezius.

Due to the size of this huge group of muscles it can be trained 3-4 times a week at a minimum!

I know what you are thinking!.... Do I need to do more core work? 

Here are some signs this might be for you:

  • Back jacks up after deadlifts or pulling movements

  • You suck at single leg/single arm movements

  • You notice your posture never improves

  • You can only hold a hollow hold for 10 seconds (this is really bad)

  • Sore hip flexors after bodyweight movements?

  • Your hips touch the floor way before your chest does performing a push up

  • You can't see your abs (we are just being silly)

If this is you then download the #coresohard workouts below and get started this week. Not only will you find you'll improve on the indicators above, you'll be less susceptible to injury, move and function better and probably PR your lifting and gymnastic movements along the way, plus who doesn't want a 6 PACK???

Good luck!


Happy to help.

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