Calories - Everything You Need To Know


I know you have heard of them.. but do you know what they are? 

Its Week 5 of Extra's with Ev and this week we are going to scratch the surface with nutrition.

Nutrition is a huge topic. MASSIVE actually!! 

It can be overwhelming when you start looking into it. There is a lot of conflicting information out there! That is why I always recommend to start slowly with nutrition. 

STEP 1: Education. Educate yourself on the basics. 

The nutritional information in this series is going to help you do just that. Learn about the basics, whilst keeping it as simple as possible. 

Lets start with calories

What is a calorie? 

A calorie is the amount of energy it takes your body to raise 1 gram of water by 1 degree celcius. 

Basically, it is the measurement of energy that we need to fuel our bodies. 

Here is what you need to know about calories. 
Scientists measure the energy content of food by combusting it using a bomb calorimeter. 


Humans are far more complicated. There are many factors that can affect how food is digested, absorbed and used. 

So whilst energy balance DOES matter a great deal.. (we will get into that later)

Do not get caught up in a trap of trying to calculate exactly how much energy you have consumed and what you have to do to burn it off. 


Outside of a lab
You cannot know how many calories and nutrients you absorb, use or excrete.
You cannot know how many nutrients or calories are actually in your food.
You cannot know how many calories you expend through movement and metabolism. 

That's it on calories for this week. I told you I would keep it simple.

You may have noticed.. almost everyone at Creature takes some sort of interest in nutrition.

BUT.. the way they approach it is really different. 

Some people swear by mindful eating practices
Some people count macros
Some like flexible dieting
Some like to buy pre-prepared meals
Some like to follow meal plans
Some use a coach for accountability

So you are probably wondering.. which approach is best?

They are ALL good. As long as

  1. It works for you
  2. You are continuing to see results
  3. You are learning scientifically backed and proven information. 

Hint- not something your favourite fitness vlogger SWEARS got rid of her cellulite. 

Lastly, your approach to fitness and nutrition is going to continue to adapt and change as you do! So enjoy the journey.