Oct 17


A. Warm Up

15 air squats
Hip Flow
15 air squats
Lunge Flow # 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_09icA11e4#t=45
15 air squats

B. Activation

1 min X band walk
1 min Pallof press 30/side

C. Strength
C1. RDL variation
movement begins at top in hip, movement ends at knee. Emphasis on loading hips and hamstrings properly.

4x5 @ 21X1 - build up weight

working to BASE build oblast week but do not exceed 45/30 kg for week 2

D. Conditioning

12-16 rounds 15 on / 45 off

odd rounds - burpee for speed
even rounds - jumping alternating lunges

this work is to be done at 100% each round