October 7


A. Warm Up

2 rounds

5 strict burpee air squat
5 inchworm NO push up
1 length spiderman crawl - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K7rv_vFOWM

B. Activation

1 min arch hold

C. Strength/Skill

C1. Overhead reverse step alternating lunge with barbell
W2B-Base = Over head hold
4 x 45 sec of steps/hold

rest 1 min into

C2. Push Up

4 x 5-15 reps @ 2020

Use rings or deficit to make it harder - improve on last week

Rest 90 sec before returning to C1

D. Conditioning

OTM for 13 min

Weighted double KB walk in front rack alternate each minute with 12 KB Swings (30 sec walk)
T2+ = 3 thrusters at the top of each minute additionally