14.3 Wrap Up

Week 3 is in the books and we have passed halfway in the CrossFit Open.


This workout saw Creature Athletes attacking their first very heavy barbell for the Open season. It was inspiring to see all members courageously facing the heavy deadlifts, which for many was heavier than their previous Personal Record weight. Of particular concern for the coaches was the technique of athletes during this workout, particularly as the weights increased so quickly. We are happy to say that all members maintained the integrity of their movement allowing them to remain unharmed and put forward their best possible score. Well done.


Once again a few member's efforts particularly stood out. Firstly, new athlete Bianca Pavan. Bianca had never lifted the required weight of the third bar and her doubt grew after initially failing the first deadlift. However, Bianca stuck to the task and amazingly managed to complete 16 repetitions at the prescribed weight before the time cap!


Special mention must also go to Gemma Stephens who pushed through some mental barriers during her workout and was deservedly awarded the Creature Spirit award for week 3. Gemma pushed outside her comfort zone to lift the prescribed 43kg deadlift for many repetitions, a weight which seemed months off only a few weeks ago. Congratulations Gemma, the progress you are making is inspiring for all Creature athletes and coaches!


Finally, well done to Antonietta Mansillo and Tim Chalmers for putting up some very competitive scores in the Australia region. Your efforts were essential to keeping team "CrossFit Creatures" in the top 10 in Australia and New Zealand after three weeks. Lets keep it going!


Looking forward to next week, 14.4 is going to be a special Sunday workout at Creature, as we host visiting athletes from CrossFit Supremacy and Revolute. There will be food, music and as always a very testing workout from CrossFit HQ.


Congratulations Creatures!



Creature Coaches.