March 31

A. Warm Up


2 rounds


15 Hollow Rocks

15 Super man rocks


2 rounds


6 Burpees

18 lunges alternating on spot


B. Activation


For Quality (10 min Cap), working through:


30 DU/60 Singles

20 Ring dips/ ring push ups/ push ups/ scaled push up

10 Strict T2B/ V-snap


C. Strength


Strict Press 


Build to a 1RM doing 1 rep OT2min for 5 sets/10min


Weighted Pull Up (throat to bar) - use the least amount of band tension and record if using assistance


Build to a 1RM in 5 mins


D. Conditioning 


10 rounds


30 sec Sit ups

30 sec Swings @ 32/24kg


Record totals.


E. Cooldown