April 19

A. Warm Up


In Pairs


2 rounds


20 Wall Ball Throws to partner

20 burpee over partner

20 wall ball sit-up pass offs


B. Activation


8-10 min Practicing the Supple leopard test*


Coaches to diagnose mobility issues and prescribe mobility to help. Eg. ankle, T-spine, shoulder, hip etc.


C. In groups of 3 (starting 4 groups max at a time due to rowers)


0-5 min


Max burpee to plate (1 plate per group)


5-10 min


Max Distance Row 




Max KB Walking lunge @ 16kg/12kg 2 per hand (count gym lengths)


15-20 min


Max Dbell snatch @ 25/15kg 


20-25 min


Max 200m Runs (1 person at a time)