April 3

A. Warm Up

3 rounds

10 lunges
10 Spider man lunges
10 air squats (arms overhead)

A2. Activation

2 rounds

10 Pallof Press /side
10 dbell row /side - heavy on a bench
10 dbell strict press /arm - light

B. Strength (start a running clock)

Power Clean build to a max in 8 min.

Rest 2 min exactly

C. Max reps in 8 min at 90% of B (finish on the 18:00)

D. Conditioning

5 min

20 sec on/ 20 sec off

Wall Balls

Rest 1 min

5 min 20 on/ 10 off

Russian Sit Up (legs out straight)/ Frog Sit up (heels together)/ Assisted sit up (heels on floor)

E. Cool Down